Materials that can be Laser Engraved

When looked into the history of engraving closely one can actually trace the history and evolution of the engraving techniques and how it gradually grew in to what we call today as laser engraving. In ancient times this technique was only used as a religious and decorative tool by people who basically used hand held engraving tools and engraving was done on gemstones, relief works, jewellery and seals.

Today, a number of industries have the application of laser engraving involved in making of several products including plastics and different types of metals. There are several types of materials that can be engraved with the laser technology. Laser engraving began with the maximum usage of it on wood as it required very low laser power. Hardwoods like maple, walnut and oak were among the most favourable choices as they produced excellent results.

Plastics is one of the materials that responds to laser engraving well and acrylic plastic and other cast resins bring good engraving results as compared to thermoforming plastics as it melts around the edges of the engraving spot. Stone and glass can also be engraved with laser; however extreme precision of power, focus and speed has to be there to achieve good results