Making a Custom Laptop

Have you ever thought of making your very own laptop? Well, its not a difficult task. The problems you will face include the selection of proper components, as well as building and assembling the machine.

In this article, we will see how we can get through the process of making your own laptop as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

1. Overview One thing you need to take note of before you begin making your own laptop is to get a good supplier. Many computer suppliers out there provide basic, ‘barebone’ laptop kits that you can customize or add on, so those are the best places to start off with.

One place I’ve had good experience with is Puget Systems. These guys are the pros when it comes to laptop customization. You get a solid barebone system which you can customize as you like, and they will then assemble and deliver the completed system to you.

2. Basic Factors To Consider When you build your own laptop, you have many factors to consider. The three most important things are:

Unit-specific features
Size and portability
Battery life

Generally, once you have decided on the components going into a laptop, it is quite difficult to expand or modify your build (unlike a desktop PC which has many expansion slots, etc.).

2. What Ports Do You Need? One important thing is to think about the ports you will need. Do you need Firewire, USB, sound and VGA? Work out the ports you need, along with the three factors above. Then you can decide on a barebone base for your laptop.

3. Intended Usage If you need the laptop for general office applications, you can get away with a low performance laptop. If you want to use the machine for video editing or gaming, then you need a high performance machine. Usually, that also means a larger, heavier build and shorter battery life.

4. Get Online and Order! Once you’ve worked out your options, you then need to get online and buy the parts you need. Like I mentioned, Puget Systems is great for this. They build your systems very fast, have quality components, lifetime support, clean OS installations, safe packing, among other advantages.

Check them out online and customize your laptop to your heart’s content. I’ve ordered a few laptops from them and I’ve had very good experiences each time.

Conclusion I hope this article has shown you the process of making a custom laptop on your own. Essentially, it is not very effective to build each and every component on your own. I’d recommend buying a barebone system from a good manufacturer, then customize it to something that fits what you need. So until next time, happy computing!