Make A Web Page Rank Higher

On-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is quite necessary in order to rank specific web page/web pages higher in the major search engines, like Yahoo and Google. By employing on-page SEO strategies, you can maximize the performance of a webpage in the search engine results; that is, you can make it rank higher. Here’s a checklist of on-page SEO strategies that will make it easy for you to verify whether or not you’ve taken the right steps to optimize the web pages of your website.
Checklist of on-page SEO strategies
There are some basic strategies to optimize a webpage. The strategies are discussed below.
* Website content
The website content plays a vital role in on-page search engine optimization. Therefore, you should upload high quality content in the web pages of your website. Apart from making it rank higher, quality content also attracts visitors to your website. You should also try to upload new content as the spiders get attracted by it. Once a website is indexed by a search engine, it revisits only when something new is uploaded in the website.
* Right keywords
Choosing right keywords is one of the best off-page and on-page SEO strategies you can employ to get your target results. The chosen keywords should also be used rightly in the webpages.
* Keyword density
The density per keyword should not exceed 4-6%. The search engines can penalize a website if the keyword density is more than 6% in a web page. Apart from SEO considerations, the visitors also favor low keyword density as keyword stuffed web pages make it difficult to read the content.
* Link quality
One of the most important on-page SEO strategies is to link the web pages within a website. Make sure that you link relevant pages on the basis of a common theme or related content. Internal links to irrelevant web pages don’t help to achieve high rankings.
* Descriptions and titles
The web pages should have a brief and informative description and you can keep the keywords in the title tag for better search engine optimization. Along with this, the Meta Tags should also be used appropriately.
Apart from above, one of an important point in the checklist of on-page SEO strategies is that you should try to rank individual web pages rather than the whole website. In order to do this, select certain web pages and try to make it rank in the search engines. However, your homepage should top the priority list for SEO optimization.