Magazine Reviews: Entertainment Weekly

In the magazine industry today, there is hardly a magazine about entertainment that gets a story out without pulling strings or cutting corners. Instead of presenting real facts, entertainment magazines typically exaggerate and present their story in a manner intended to arouse strong interest. Entertainment Weekly doesn’t follow these rules. Providing reliable and real stories and focusing on prominent entertainment-related news, Entertainment Weekly is one of the best magazines on the market.

Being around since 1990, Entertainment Weekly (EW) gained instant success by providing mainstream news without being exactly an insider magazine. Relying on factual stories and featuring them with interesting interviews about hot shot celebrities, EW has managed to avoid being a gossip magazine. Instead of reading about the dirty laundry, Entertainment Weekly focuses on the backgrounds of the celebrities and their road to success without rumoring and gossiping.

Being consistent to its name, Entertainment Weekly comes out weekly with a brand new issue every Friday. Specializing in movie and TV entertainment but covering also anything related to pop culture, EW provides news that typically made the next cover stories in the news. The magazine keeps its readers informed about cable TV, the internet, movies and TV shows reviews and it features insightful articles that are purely informative.

The most interesting parts of Entertainment Weekly are the “Mail” where people comment about anything important on the entertainment industry, the “Must List” that includes ten great things that the magazine suggests people should see, read or hear, the “Movie reviews” where readers get into the major stories about forthcoming movies reading the reviews of famous movie critics and “The Closing Article” that varies each week covering anything that can be interesting. Entertainment Weekly features also breaking through actors, new televisions shows and reviews about dvds, TV, books and music.

Interesting cover photos, backstage stories, in-depth interviews and excellent, colourful photographs compose a really enjoyable magazine at a very attractive price. Coming at the price of $50 per year, Entertainment Weekly features also several bonus issues throughout the year covering major events in the entertainment industry.

On the other hand, there are people who are not so enthusiastic about Entertainment Weekly finding its content obnoxious and dull in the effort to be humorous.

Personally, I like Entertainment Weekly because it has its own personality and it gives me the facts, not the opinions of its columnists like many other magazines in the entertainment industry do. In that way, it helps me developing my own opinion, while providing me with details on the background of the celebrities in an insightful rather than in a gossipy manner.

I also like its movie reviews and grading from movie critics, along with an average grade ranging from A+ to F so that readers can fairly compare their tastes. While other magazines stress their own critics and present rather biased viewpoints, Entertainment Weekly is objective and offers a well-rounded criticism by comparing the reviews side by side.

To my view, Entertainment Weekly is a must for the people, who love entertainment.