Lost Data Recovery Software – What to Look For

Does lost data recovery software exist and does it work? Yes, it does exist and yes, it does work. This software can really prove invaluable when you need to find your lost data or files. Do you know what happens to data when you delete it that makes it difficult to find?

Deleted files first go to the recycle bin. It is really easy to recover documents or data from your recycle bin. You simple need to locate your deleted file, highlight it, restore it and that will place the file back to where it was deleted from.

If files are deleted or removed from the recycle bin, they are moved and modified. After deletion from the recycle bin, the file system is changed and altered to a FAT 32. You cannot locate this file now with your normal search methods. Your operating system will use the space on the hard drive or disk sectors which happen to contain the deleted file and it will be overwritten.

This is where lost data recovery software can help you by doing an analysis on your computer to help you to find your deleted data and work to restore it. These types of programs do not need to search your entire computer. Searching for a deleted folder will only take about one second flat. You will then see a list of the files or folders located by that software that you can review.

When you review the list, you can then select the deleted data you need to recover or want to try and restore. Some of these software programs have a status list, where good means that the document is recoverable and poor means that the data is not intact enough for recovery.

Your best defence against any loss of data is getting into the habit of regular back up of your hard drive, data and files. This will give you a copy of everything contained on the drive and will make it much easier for you to recover lost documents and data.