Learn about SEO

Learning SEO or SEO is to know what it is that which shall be conducted by any webmaster or Blogger. General SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a business enterprise that we can do to improve the ranking of our websites or blogs in the eyes of search engines (search engines), or any attempt to raise the SERP (search engine results page). The main purpose of all this SEO business is to get a visitor or a visitor to your blog or on our website through search engines (search engines) such as Google, yahoo, MSN and others. The better the ranking of our blog or site in the eyes of search engines, it will be more and more visitors who visit the blog / website we. That is the importance of why we must learn SEO.

Activities SEO or Search Engine Optimization consists of two types namely the First, the activity on-page SEO, the SEO learning activities we do directly on the blog or on our own. Activities on-page is about engineering the elements and content of our blog or website, and most do not require fees. Such as choosing a domain name, create original content, add Meta tags and others. Second, activity off-page SEO, On Page contrary, this SEO learning activities carried out our blog, for example, submits blog url to search engines, submit to web directories, join forums, looking for back links from blogs / websites and other similar on. That’s the early stages of learning SEO blog must be from SEO agency so we can get good results on search engines.