Laptop Graphics Card

The best laptop graphics card for your computer is going to be decided by what you plan to do with your laptop computer and by how much you are willing to pay.

If you have decided to purchase a new laptop computer and you are going to use it for writing, researching, surfing the internet or any other low graphic program then you will not need a top of the line graphics card. In those cases the standard basic card that comes with the computer will be fine.

If you plan to do any gaming or high-end graphics work then the laptop graphics card will need to be able to handle the programs that you want to run. Even occasional gaming will require more than the basic laptop graphics card that is generally installed on most systems.

It’s important to note that while you can upgrade your laptop graphics card later, your system has to be able to handle the new card. A high-end card can over tax a low-end system. It’s best to decide this before you buy. It’s also worth noting that while it is possible to upgrade a laptop graphics card it is very difficult to do so and not something that should be tried by anyone who is inexperienced.

The differences in video cards from company to company are virtually nonexistent. You can expect to spend the same amount from any company for a card that is equal in performance to the card of another company. It is merely a matter of preference.

In purchasing a new laptop, you can often have it upgraded before purchase. If you have found a computer that you want but it doesn’t have the graphics card you need, simply ask the sales technician if an upgrade is possible. Often they will only charge you the difference between the card you have and the one that you want. You will not be charged for any labor involved in upgrading before purchase.

Because it is so difficult to upgrade laptop graphics cards, it is important to plan ahead. If you are an avid game player you will want to invest in the best you can afford based on how long you are likely to have the computer. Next to anticipating memory, anticipating graphics use is the most important consideration. Memory can be upgraded far easier than a graphics card.

Most people own a laptop for 3 years before getting a new one. With that in mind you will want enough memory, hard drive space and graphics to last at least that long. Of the three, the graphics card is by far the hardest to upgrade and it is impossible to get around. If your card is inadequate then programs will not run or not run well enough to get the job done.

Purchasing a laptop graphics card isn’t difficult but it can be confusing. It can be the difference between a good computer and a great one. It’s usually better to buy a bit more than you think you will need just to avoid problems and headaches later.