Joseph Dicrisci Registered Agent for International Forex, Inc

International Forex, Inc is a company in West Palm Beach that was incorporated in 2003 by Joseph Dicrisci. He is the sole representative of this company and is therefore the registered agent of the company.  Joseph Dicrisci also has helped incorporate another company with two other individuals. International Forex, Inc is currently not under operations.
Part of the work that Joseph Dicrisci does as an agent is to, export, distribute and market products that are gotten from all over the world. These gourmet products are then taken to China where they are sold.  He is a registered merchant of the International Merchants Group, LLC. This company works at bringing new and exotic delicacies to China. It provide its service to any retailer or buyer who is need of products that from other parts of the world.
For manufactures they provide an avenue for their products by sourcing for them then selling these products in China where there is a ready market. Their services also include marketing of these products. They help their clients launch these products and market them to consumers by creating a demand for the products. As part of the group in this company Joseph Dicrisci also works at giving out information and advice on the products that they source. This information is usually tailored to suit the needs of each individual. Furthermore, the client will receive support and servicing of these products in cases where they are required.