iPhone Application Development: Native and Web Applications

In this ever-changing mobile landscape today, iPhone is the smartest of all the smart phones out there. iPhone is rapidly mobilizing thousands of internet users and its quite obvious that iPhone applications development is highly pertinent for the execution of business and consumer based applications.

iPhone OS is the platform used to develop applications for iPhone and iPod touch devices. We can develop two kinds of applications for iPhone, native and web applications. Development of native iPhone applications is quite similar to building Mac OS X applications. The programmers for both purposes use the similar tools and many general frameworks. The tools and technologies required to develop native applications for iPhone OS are included with the iPhone SDK. iPhone SDK(Software Development Kit) allows developers to build genuine and native applications for iPhone and iPod, which can be tested in “iPhone simulator” and then debugged.

As iPhone provides an instant connection to the Internet, it makes the iPhone web application development for this portable device almost the same process as creating a website or a web application.  The functionalities and features make it a wonderful browsing experience for the users and therefore, applications on iPhone are also getting popular every day. iPhone interface software is also available to help with data transfer. Nevertheless, if you want to customize your web applications exclusively for iPhone users then the iPhone application development can be done easily with the help of standard web tools which produce the HTML that the iPhone needs. Modern high-end technologies such AJAX or the PHP platform are involved typically in the web applications designed for the iPhone. As these applications are not cross-browser compatible, they can freely influence the Safari-supported CSS styles. The Canvas object can relatively be a good option to popular Flash to implement the sophisticated animation techniques when involved in iPhone application development.

As the iPhone application development is growing day by day, the popular and customized application of the handset gives users the satisfaction of using a high-end and top-notch device. The software development kit takes about 3-4 months to master if you are already a Cocoa / Mac developer . Currently there are very few companies that have expertise in iPhone Development services of high quality to create your own customized iPhone applications which meet all your requirements. One among them is Sourcebits, based out of Bangalore, India and among the top runners in iPhone development field.