Internet Marketing Software Review

Searching for the phrase ‘Internet Marketing Software’ will result in a list of 67 million results. This clearly indicates that there is a ton of content out there and countless suppliers of software that in some way relate to Internet Marketing.  The 67 million should also make you equally clear that a lot of this stuff is duplicative and even not useful. So, before you do any real serious search for internet marketing software, I suggest:

Know your processes and write them down.
Itemize all of the steps of each process.
Develop a MANUAL methodology to actually execute the processes.
Make sure that the processes actually work.
Make a list of the processes that are either repetitive or can be much more efficient if you had the “right internet marketing software.”
List what the software must be able to do to make it useful.

In brief, you shouldn’t search for something until you really know what you are searching for.

At Optimum7 we have, for years, actually done the hard work listed above.  So, here is a beginner’s list of software categories that you should pay attention to:

Content Management (CMS) – this is software that is obviously intended to add and edit content efficiently and effectively particularly as it pertains to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  SEO is all about content and content for SEO is mainly all about text and making sure your text is easily recognized and indexed by the search engines.  However, don’t confuse CMS with software that portends to automate the content creation in the first place.  This is bogus stuff and should be avoided by those looking for solid, long term results.  There are no real shortcuts to content creation.
Website Analytics – you are incapable of doing any real online marketing unless you are able to accurately measure and assess the actual human interaction with your website.  Google Analytics is terrific as virtually everything you would ever want to know about how your website is doing with people and search engine spiders is accessible and measurable in countless combinations.
Keyword Research – all internet marketing starts with a keyword or a phrase.  How do you know all of your relevant keywords?  How many have enough search volume to merit your attention?  What are your competitor’s keywords?  The Google Keyword Tool is a great way to answer all your questions.

Like any other type of software, Internet Marketing Software, should be researched and selected based on making existing manual tasks more efficient as measured in time and in errors eliminated.

However, Internet Marketing is rarely a do-it-yourself methodology even with all of the software that is available.  Predominantly, you should seek a Professional Internet Marketing Company that is proficient in the main processes of SEO, Sponsored Search, Social Media, Content Development and Syndication, Website Design and Ecommerce Strategies.  Let the Professional figure what internet marketing software may be useful.  You should focus on results!

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