Insurance Tips For Moving House

When you are planning to move house or simply move your belongings into self storage it is important to make sure that your insurance policy covers all the contingencies which may arise during the relocation.

Although you may already have an insurance policy in place which covers your household contents, different conditions may apply when your contents are being moved. For this reason you should always check with your insurance company several weeks before your planned move so that you can make the necessary adjustments and pay any extra premium that might be involved.

Here is a five-point checklist to follow to make sure you have proper insurance cover and minimise any claims.

Call your insurance company at least two weeks prior to your move and explain the complete circumstances. Premiums are often determined by postcode, so your premium may be affected if you are moving to a different suburb.

Check with your removalist company to see whether they offer any insurance cover for your individual items. Sometimes the quoted price will include an insurance premium for the move. If this is the case, advise your own insurance company of the circumstances and see whether you can get a reduction in your policy. This way you will avoid any double payments of premiums and confusion as to where to make a claim should one arrives.

Where your removalist offers Comprehensive Transit Insurance make sure the limit of the policy is sufficient to cover the cost of your goods. Some policies are limited to $100,000 and may not cover your contents value. Ensure that you understand the limit of the cover and the circumstances under which a claim will be entertained.

If you are including your car in the relocation, make sure your motor vehicle insurer is advised so that you can make any adjustments to the policy similar to your contents cover. You removalist may have also included a premium for vehicle cover in their quotation, so it is important that you make yourself aware of all the conditions, and that you have complete cover. Even when the policy says that you have full cover, find out exactly what full cover means before accepting the policy.

Make sure your removalist has adequate workers compensation cover and that you check with your own insurance company to avoid any conflict of insurance cover. Public liability insurance provided by your home and contents cover policy may overlap some elements of the workers compensation policy offered by your removalist. Make sure you are not double playing in the premiums.

Naturally, even though you are satisfied that your insurance cover is up-to-date and will cover all contingencies, you still will want to make sure that everything is packed properly to avoid having to make a claim at all.

If you use high-quality double layered cardboard boxes that are properly sealed and labelled and follow all the packing guidelines to avoid possible breakages, you will avoid having to make a claim and make your move into self storage and easy one.