Instructions on How To DVD Swap Safely

Hope you are familiar with the term, DVD swap. This article gives you some useful information on how to DVD swap in a Toshiba satellite P35-S611 which is one of the windows based laptop. It is one of the computers that support backing up of data rather than enabling the system to watch DVD movies.
The first and foremost thing you have to be careful about while DVD swap is to check the perfection in swapping the DVDs for inserting new discs. The task of ejecting discs are to be done properly, otherwise it may even harm the drive itself. Let us look onto some tips on how to DVD swap successfully without causing any damage to system, disc or drive.
The first step is to stop the program if you are currently watching the DVD content. Before ejecting the disc, confirm that the disc program is stopped by clicking on the middle of screen or pressing the space bar. Once the DVD folder is closed, you can press the button on the DVD drive which is most probably on the right hand side of Toshiba laptop.
Pressing the DVD release button results in moving out of drive tray and now you can take the disc out of the tray. Once the DVD is removed, you can swap in using another new disc of your choice. Just inserting the disc may not work properly.
You have to initially place the disc on tray and press down firmly so as to stamp it onto the tray. Now push the tray inwards into the laptop computer. If your swapping action is completed successfully, the system will read the DVD contents of new disc and display the corresponding programs.
Using the above step by step instructions you can swap any number of DVDs without causing any harm to the system and drive.