Information Technology Business Plan For IT Support Contracts

If you are trying to come up with a good Information Technology business plan, you may be wondering about what your focus should be.? Usually the top priority is creating a plan that will help you get great clients, so you can effectively manage and grow your business.

Many Information Technology consultants make the mistake of thinking they can just get by on one-shot deals and fly-by-night customers.? But in reality, this type of approach just leaves you frazzled and worried about where you will get your next big project or next paycheck.? You need to build a stable business based on on-going relationships with long-term clients that will pay you each and every month, and bring you predictable service revenue.?

The best plan for developing a strong Information Technology business plan is to insist that every one of your clients sign a support contract.? The following 4 tips can help you understand how to build your business plan on the solid foundation of support contracts.

Support Contracts Are Key for the Busy Information Technology Consultant.? If you are like most IT consultants, your time is incredibly valuable.? When you choose to base your Information Technology business plan on support contracts, you help better manage your time, particularly when you have many clients that all need service at once.? When you insist upon support contracts, you maximize your utilization rate while still having enough time to deal with client emergencies when they occur. Better Manage Emergencies.? When you base your business model on support contracts, you can prioritize your clients’ emergencies.? When you have a bunch of clients all with emergencies at the same time, you can’t be everywhere at once.? You need to narrow down the list of who gets your immediate attention and who will need to wait.? Basically, those people that have committed to you long term get the royal treatment and those that do not have to accept that you will get to them when you have the time to spare. Force Customers and Clients to Make a Decision.? You need to base your Information Technology business plan on support contracts in order to force those you are serving to make an important decision – are they “in,” or are they “out”?? A solid plan based on long-term relationships with clients weeds out those that are just testing the waters and are not serious about working with you long-term. Manage Expectations.? A solid Information Technology business plan based on support contracts also helps you manage your customers’ and clients’ expectations more effectively.? Those that have a support contract know they are top priority … and those that don’t know you have clients with support contracts and that they are the ones that will be responded to first.