How to Decide on a Web Designer

Deciding on a web designer can be a daunting task. You will get web designers of various kinds-from freelancers to glossy media agencies and their prices vary accordingly.


Before deciding on a web designer, look for a proven record of accomplishment. A good portfolio with the quality of their past work can be taken into consideration. Look for sites designed for companies in a similar market to your own or for sites of a similar size and scope to the one you require.


Select your marketplace- Do you want a local web designer or an overseas? If you would feel more comfortable working with your designer, then a local designer is for you. You can provide better backup and able to meet face to face to discuss your project.

If you are a bit budget conscious, then it is make sense to choose one web designer from overseas. Getting quotes from designers is not difficult at all. If you know exactly what you are looking and can explain them clearly in writing, you can save a lot.


Where to find-To find a list of local web designers, consult the yellow pages of that place. You can do a web search or check out related directories. For overseas designers, visit websites, compare the quotes and choose the best.


Don’t get confused between web designer and graphic designer-Although the basic design principles are same, there are a whole host of additional factors that a web designer has to take into account while designing a website. Design should be carried out keeping wider application of the internet and usability in mind.


Decide on your budget and make it realistic-Don’t feel compelled to go with the highest quote. Often for a small company, it can be difficult to know what the web budget should be, without knowing the rates. Before you choose a designer, it might be worth clarifying an hourly rate for any additional work.


He should be a good communicator-A good designer should listen to any concerns you have and do their utmost to ensure you feel happy and confident throughout the project.


Draw up a shortlist-You can do this by visiting their websites, getting a feel of what they are looking for and what is your objective. You can question them about the technicalities, about the clients they work for- if necessary.


 Get references-Any established web designer will be able to provide references he has been successfully working for. Ask them through email for your satisfaction.


Now you have a fixed price, references and confirmed timescale for your project. It is time to appoint a web designer.