How to choose the right speakers for gaming

Here are a few tips which will assist you in choosing the correct type of speaker for your gaming setup.

You might have seen many people post pictures of their gaming setups online. They have widescreen monitors, custom-made tables, and RGB-lit casings. Many gamers prefer headphones while playing games so that they can hear their teammates in voice chat and talk to them. Yet headphones can be problematic in case you have another person watching you since they will not be able to hear anything, and will feel left out. For situations like these, speakers are the way to go.

But you might not know which speaker to get or you might be looking for a speaker with some specific features. Here are a few tips which will assist you in choosing the correct type of speaker for your gaming setup.

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Consider the size of your room

While this step might not sound important, it does have an impact on the performance of your speakers. You should check the size of your room in which you have your PC or console set up. If you have a large room, then you should consider getting an external subwoofer as well because it will enhance your experience a lot. When you get used to a subwoofer, then you will not be able to go back to a normal woofer. This is because the subwoofer enriches the bass experience of its user. Let’s say you are playing a game like Battlefield and you hear a tank or jeep explode, the bass generated by the subwoofer will be phenomenal. It also will help you feel more immersed in the game. Having a large room means that you can also look at getting 5.1 surround sound speakers. With the help of the surround sound, you can pinpoint the location of your enemy.

If you do not have a large room, then go for a soundbar. It should do the trick and give you a good gaming experience. If you are not fond of a soundbar, then you should consider getting the 2.1 stereo speakers. While it will not give you the surround sound experience that the 5.1 speakers will, it will be an improvement over your monitor’s speakers.

Take a look at your specs

Now comes the tricky part. While you might want to get a 5.1 surround sound speaker, your PC’s motherboard may not support it. You also have to take a look at your sound card. Many of the old PC’s sound cards do not support anything higher than the 2.1 stereo sound speakers. So let’s say that you have a sound card that supports 5.1 speakers, even then you might have to get preamplified speakers because your card may not support speakers without any amp. Also, keep in mind that you might need to buy a separate converter in case your PC is not digitally compatible.

Keep the features in mind

For many people, getting left and right channel speakers is the ideal thing to do since it is a big improvement. If you want to fully immerse yourself in the game, then you should keep a few features in mind. If you are a fan of low frequencies, then get a subwoofer with your speakers.

Keep in mind that the subwoofer takes up extra space so you might want to make room for it beforehand. Another feature to keep in mind is the peak power and RMS of the speaker. If it is high, then your speakers will be able to drown out the outside noise. If you are a fan of good soundtracks in games like Metal Gear Solid or Death Stranding, then you should definitely check a speaker that has a high wattage.

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What is your budget?

This is by far the most significant thing to keep in mind before you look at speakers. While you would want a 5.1 speaker that has an external subwoofer and high wattage, you will have to see if it is within your budget range. The 5.1 or 7.1 speakers are usually expensive which means that you will have to spend quite a bit of money to purchase them. That is why you should check your budget and then look for speakers that fit in that range. There are many speakers that are affordable so do not worry if you do not find the perfect one immediately. Do your research and then pick the one which you think is ideal for you.

Speakers vs headphones: Pros & cons

The next question you might be asking is if you should get gaming headphones rather than speakers as they are usually cheaper. There are pros and cons for both of these things and we are going to take a look at them. Speakers offer a better surround sound experience and they are ideal if you are playing games with your friends sitting next to you.

Headphones are suitable if you want to voice chat with your teammates. While it is true that headphones are preferred by most gamers as they can block the outside noise, speakers usually give you more authentic sounds. Plus, if you have a good surround sound setup, you can easily pinpoint where the noise came from.

Headphones can ruin your hair and sometimes they can even make your ear hurt if you wear them for prolonged periods of time. The biggest downside of speakers is that if you are playing games late at night, then you cannot turn the volume at maximum. Either your roommate, parents or neighbors are going to complain about the loud audio.

Wired vs wireless: Pros & cons

Speakers come in two forms, wired and wireless. Both of these have their own advantages and disadvantages but in the end, it comes down to personal preference.

Wireless speakers are easy to maintain as you do not have to deal with any wires but they are usually not as loud or accurate sounding as wired speakers. You must connect the wireless speakers via Bluetooth and if your PC does not support that, then there is no point in getting them. The Playstation 4 also does not support external Bluetooth speakers unless they are authorized by Sony. But, you can move the wireless speakers wherever you want since there is no wire attached.

Wired speakers, while having a louder volume and more power, can be frustrating to deal with. You cannot move them freely as they have a wire attached to them and you have to properly hide the wires so that your area does not look untidy. It can be frustrating to keep all the wires hidden from sight.