Home Business Ideas For 2010

In our recent downturn of the economy, people today are more open than ever to starting their own home business. Scarcity of jobs have divided people into two categories; the leaders and the followers. The followers will continue to wait out the storm in hopes that they can land a job. The leaders will look for creative ways to make a living anyway they can. (Legally of course.)

Today there are more opportunities to create fortunes from home than ever before. If you are the type of person that watches mainstream news, then these news will shock you! Here are the top 3 best home business ideas that you can start for little if any capital at all.

Here Are 3 Home Business Ideas For 2010

#1. Telemarketing
Oh no he didn’t! Yes I did! Although telemarketers have a bad rep there are companies who are growing even stronger in this economy selling coaching programs. And we are talking $5K to $10k packages! I have a local friend who owns THE largest telemarketing floor in town. He currently employs over 200 people and some of them are making six figures a year. He even allows people to work from home if they are self motivators. The only thing you need is a phone with unlimited long distance, a script, a batch of leads and you’re in business! Do some research in your town, you may find a company who will do the same for you.

#2. Wheel And Deal On Craigslist.org
I know of many people who are making some real good money from home finding treasures on Craigslist. What they do is go to the “free” section and sort through things that are still in good shape. Then after they pick up the free stuff they clean it real good, then SELL it on Craiglist! I know to some it might be unethical, but hey it’s the American way right?

#3. Affiliate Marketing
Yes, we all have heard of affiliate marketing. We all have tried and failed. But you know what, affiliate marketing is hands down THE best way to make REAL money from home. You find products that interest you. You partner up with the company (most cases for free). You promote their products through different mediums, and collect a nice check for it! Yes you need to advertise. Yes it may take an investment to advertise. But there are numerous ways to advertise for FREE as well. Affiliate marketing has been, and will remain the best way to make a fortune. You don’t need products, you don’t need capital to start, and you don’t need any skill. All you need is motivation, and daily action. Most affiliate programs provide you with banners, sample ads, tools, and pretty much everything you need to start. Only thing they don’t provide you with is a computer, and anti-couch potato serum!

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Gerardo Flores