Have Others Groove to Your Dance Music

In any field you will want to make yourself prosperous and famous, you have to have the fervour and persistence, the courage and gumption to succeed enormously. Or else, you are just a dreamer.
Just like any venture, on the other hand, making it big in the dance music business has its own set of challenges and predicaments. Great thing that that there are competent models and thorough resources that will be of great help in making an aspiring DJ like you engrave your own niche in the sun.
Be Seen, Be Heard
You have to make yourself famous! Nobody has succeeded by concealing their abilities and you’ll certainly not be the first to break the fashion. You have to get out there and be visible, be audible, be appreciated, be lauded, be exposed. Here are a number of straightforward tips that you can follow:
Get closer to dance music enthusiasts by joining their online groups. Today, you must make use of the influence of social networking to your benefit including meeting other DJs and clubbers, particularly industry honchos searching for fresh talent.
Go to dance clubs frequently. These are the places where music aficionados and producers often meet for some activities. Not only will you be introduced to the big guns in the industry, but you can also take advantage of their social networks.
Use the web and all its freebies. Because YouTube and dropyourtalent.com are becoming more recognized, you can upload your videos there and ask your fans to spread the news. Always have an adequate number of videos so you can continuously augment the number of visits to your website.
Set up a website. With the increasing accessibility of free online space, it does not take you a lifetime to come up with your own website. With this, you can let the public know of your profile, music and even your personal information.
Being well-known means letting go of timidity and embracing boldness. Otherwise, you can forget reputation and riches in music.
Keep Your Audience in Mind
You might think it contradictory but in the dance music industry with its hundreds of DJs making music in many musical genres, you have to create that’s distinctively yours. Otherwise, you are merely another copycat having disfavoured covers.
The world-famous Tiesto, for example, had to undergo stages prior to becoming one of the best producers of trance and electronic dance music nowadays. He used to be an enthusiast of hardcore tracks, and of acid house music.
All the celebrated DJs – Tiesto, Paul van Dyke, Armin Van Buuren, Fatboy Slim, to name a few – have to find their unique sound and so should you. In short, you have to find your own beat.
On the contrary, you’re not playing merely for yourself. Dance music is designed to be danced to and it’s no fun when you are dancing all by yourself. With this, you should ensure that while you’re following the modern trends of music, you make one that will speak of you, and will sound unique.
You must be deliberate in everything that you do, though. Meaning, you need to practice, produce, listen to beats and produce your own mix. Never grow tired of doing this as this is faithfully what being a DJ is all about.
Someday soon, you will find yourself at the pinnacle of power in dance music!