Hard Drive Controller Failure and Data Recovery

You can not access your business critical data from your drive, if the controller or disk controller of your hard drive is damaged. It could result as serious data loss situations. To resolve these issues, you should opt for Data Recovery solutions.

The H.D controller is a circuit that allows CPU (Central Processing Unit) to communicate with the H.D . Early drive controllers were recognized by their data storage methods and the data encoding. Those controllers were generally implemented on separate controller card.

Modern drive controllers are implemented on the H.D itself. For instance, the SATA drives come with in-built SATA controllers. The most general types of disk interface available nowadays are SATA, SCSI, EIDE and IDE.

In general terms, H.D controller is an associated circuitry and chip which is responsible for controlling the H.D.

The type of controller depends upon the interface of the drive. For instance, IDE interface needs an IDE controller. On Apple Macintosh computers, the hard drive controllers are built onto motherboard.
The data transfer speed of the drives is based on the PIO (Programmed Input/Output) modes. When a H.D controller or chip gets damaged, the data can not be read from or written to the drive and thus data loss takes place.
In such critical situations, you need to change the H.D controller. You should not attempt it on your own as a minor mistake during this process might make your data irretrievable.
It should be left for H.D Recovery experts. The data recovery software carry out component level corrective procedures to repair the damaged disks and deploy modern and safe techniques to efficiently salvage all lost data.
The recovery process should always be carried out in sterile and controlled lab environment of Clean Rooms as the environmental factors like dust particles, humidity, heat, pressure etc. can damage the sensitive hard drive internals. Selecting an experienced company with team of expert professionals is always required to ensure best recovery results. Such companies take care of both software and hardware caused system failures.
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