Guarantee Online Business Success

There is one internet marketing tool that people are timid about, and that is article marketing. As an online business person I know you have overheard others discussing the pros and the cons of articles writing. Today, I want to share with you the power of this internet marketing tool known as article writing. The idea of this online marketing tactic is to share content that is related to your website thus add value to your target audiences’ experience.
At this point it is good to note that when writing an article avoid writing promotional content, but rather seek to educate your readers. Articles are best implemented when you use keywords phrases that are commonly searched for by people in your niche. They assist you optimize your web pages thus guaranteeing a high page ranking on search engines.
Articles act as a perfect internet marketing tool in that, as you submit your content in article directories, webmasters can opt to re-post your articles on their websites. Since articles contain a link to your site in the resource box, you will improve your link popularity and also generate targeted traffic. This fact overrides the myth that articles do not help much in online marketing.
There is also a myth that says reprinted articles results in supplemental indexing but that is also not true. For an articles submission to count, it depends on where the article will be submitted. If it is re-posted on high ranking sites, it will get listed on the first pages of major search engines. This goes to show the power of this internet marketing tool in generating free online organic traffic.
I have read some discussions where people say that article marketing brings about duplicate content and that it will result in getting punished by search engines. I refute that claim totally. If that was the case, sites like CNN news, where their content is replicated all over the internet would have by now been banned from the internet. This also brings into play the role of RSS feeds that republish duplicate content on other sites. Therefore, re-posting your articles on different article submitting sites is quite a powerful internet marketing tool.