Government Debt Consolidation Loans – Are Those For Real?

Many Americans find themselves struggling with an overwhelming amount of debt. It’s easy to rely on credit cards and high interest loans, when a person’s income is simply not enough. Additionally, many people rely on credit cards, not out of irresponsibility, but because they have lost their job, have had their income reduced, or have suffered another financial emergency. Fortunately, the Federal Government is making it easier for Americans to consolidate their debt and gain control over their financial situation.

The government currently offers a few different options for consumers that are in need of assistance. The first consolidation option is offered to students and graduates with the intention of allowing them to begin their career in good financial standing. College graduates that have multiple student loans or other related debt, like medical bills from when they were students, may be able to consolidate these debts into one loan.

The government offers two different programs for student loan consolidation: The Federal Family Education Loan program and the Federal Direct Loans program. Both of these programs will help to consolidate a student’s loans into one monthly payment, making it much easier to pay one’s bills each month. This helps graduates manage their bills, while helping them avoid late fees and other negative consequences associated with failing to make their payments on time.

Homeowners also have some options for government assisted consolidation. Those that have an FHA or VA home loan, may be able to refinance their mortgage and combine their unsecured debts with their mortgage payment. This is beneficial because it allows consumers to pay one monthly bill, instead of several, and also lowers a consumer’s interest rate. This is especially helpful to those that are currently paying off high interest credit cards, as the lower interest rate may significantly reduce their monthly payments.

Consumers that are still struggling to pay their bills also have a few additional options. The government has a wide variety of programs available to low income families, that will help to cover everything from the cost of housing, to the cost of food. Consumers can even apply for government grants that will help them pay off their credit card debt. When a consumer receives a government grant, they are not required to ever pay that money back. They can simply take that money, pay off their debt, and begin working towards building a stronger financial situation. While many Americans may be struggling with debt, government debt consolidation loans and other programs make it possible for consumers to improve their situations and their future.