Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional, a Review

Eric Worre is a professional network marketing trainer who travels the world doing training events and coaching network marketers. Eric has been hugely successful with several companies. He is well-known for his Go Pro training videos on YouTube. Eric has a wealth of experience and he is an excellent communicator. The book is clear and concise.

In this book he goes more in-depth on telling his own story and how he worked through his struggles to become a professional network marketer and trainer. His story of struggle is one that most network marketers can relate to. He quickly identifies issues of rejection and discouragement that cause people to quit the business.

According to Eric in this business, what differentiates the professional from the amateur is the tendency for the amateur to give in to their discouragement and cease activity in their business when they don’t meet success quickly. The professional, on the other hand, realizes the need for training and learning new skills. They understand that starting in the business is not like winning a lottery ticket. The professional has an attitude of being teachable and is willing to make a plan to go the distance.

There was nothing new here regarding inviting skills. This is old information that Worre has published before. His method of being in a hurry is an old school tactic that can be a turn off to the prospect, who wants to know more about who you are and what you represent before they will say yes to taking a look.

It is not a comprehensive book as it does not treat at length various common issues such as handling objections or rejection that beset the individual. He says you must become indifferent to rejection and in a year you can become a professional, without revealing exactly how.

I found Mark Yarnell’s classic, Your First Year in Network Marketing more helpful because Yarnell calls it a numbers game, while Worre touches on this only briefly. In fact though, it is only by the experience of approaching many, many, many people that one becomes indifferent to rejection. And for the beginner those numbers may be way higher than the 250 that are in your warm market. Many give up before that point. Why not just say, this is a 3% business, even for a professional.

Nevertheless, Go Pro 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional is a worthwhile book for someone new to the NWM industry.

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