Get Hired at Google – The Mystery is History

Certainly there are dream jobs some of us don’t ever even talk about let alone act upon as they are considered out of reach by most.?I don’t agree with that at all.?I asked one of my clients a standard question:?”What would be your dream job?”?The sheepish reply I got was:?”Well sure in a perfect world I would like to work in the Google IT department but I didn’t go to a big name college.”?Well thanks to Google’s own public relations/recruiting video released on Youtube I can tell you to think again because Google and other Fortune 500 Companies are always looking for the best and the brightest.?Here is what to expect when you apply for a career at Google.
Naturally, you can apply online where you can expect an aptitude test as part of the process.?Now since they have massive volumes of applications I would seriously think about making sure you have a unique selling proposition.?After you have applied someone already working in the position you are targeting will call you back with a phone interview. (Think screening process.)?? You may have more than one of these.?The application is easy and the phone screenings are friendly but business like.?What you have to be really well prepared for is the marathon interview process they have.?This is where they get to know the real you and vice versa.

According to Google’s recent recruiting video you can expect five interviews lasting around 45 minutes each.?They will be testing your real life problem solving skills to verify your talent is genuine in each interview.?They are looking for:?A strong educational background, a passion for technology,creativity and problem solving abilities, someone who not intimidated by great minds and the ability to function as a team player with the diverse international crew that is Google.?I am certain a unique selling proposition will work wonders here too as long as you figure out what they would want first and make sure it is complimentary.
Google itself doesn’t want their hiring process to be a mystery it is bad for business.?You see a great info source for the Fortune 500 companies is their own applicants.?Google like the rest of them is very smart in asking for an exchange of ideas during the interview process.?The great companies are always asking:?”How can we do this better?”?So make sure you are prepared with some great ideas as I am told they are great listeners.?Naturally teamwork and collaboration is very big at Google too.?
My best advice is to develop a connection first before you apply.?Get some great inside info and use that as well as the referral to put you ahead of the masses.?If you have read my other articles you will know just what I am talking about.?I only want to enter a contest when I have a winning edge.?Be assured all the stock options, free delicious food daily, and other benefits bonanzas are true.?That is why they have such little turnover.?So be more prepared than the other 100,000 applicants they will get.?Remember the beauty is in the details.