Get Full Battery Life From Ubuntu Laptop

The following components of our computer consumes most of our battery life and we can lengthen our battery life by tweaking them:
1. Ethernet Network Controller
2. WiFi/Wireless
3. Graphic and Display
4. Processor
5. Disks and File System
6. Software
We will show you some basic battery energy saving tips and some advanced hardware tweaks in Ubuntu.
Basic Battery Energy Saving Tips
Ubuntu comes with a power management module that gives us basic control to save our battery life, to open it just go to System > Preferences > Power Management.
We can extend our battery life by selecting these options from the power management screen:
1. Putting our computer to sleep when it is inactive.
2. Setting our computer to hibernate mode when battery power is low.
3. Slowing down the hard disk spin.
4. Putting display to sleep when it is inactive.
5. Reducing the back light brightness.
6. Dimming display when the computer is idle.
Our Wifi/Wireless Radio consumes power when it receives and sends data over the network and we should turn it off when were not using it. We can turn off our wifi if our network card supports the enable and disable power control mechanism by using the iwconfig command that we can execute in Ubuntu console:
Linux provides a simple tuning mechanism to save energy consumption in our processor by distributing the processing load among the available processors. If youre laptop comes with multi-processor, we can use take advantage of Linuxs processor balancing feature to save energy consumption by executing this command through the console:
Setting Relatime
We can disable the atime to reduce disk write at the cost of breaking software that relies on atime. An alternative is to enable the relatime option where Linux will update files access times only if they are earlier than the modification time. This change allows utilities to see if the current version of a file has been read, but still cuts down significantly on atime updates. Linux Kernel 2.6.20 and above should support the relatime optionExecute the following command in your console to enable the relatime option.Ibm thinkpad r40 battery,Sony vgp-bps10 battery,Sony vgp-bps2a battery