Gamer Testing Ground Reviews – is Video Game Testing Job a Scam?

Can a video game tester can really earn up to $150 per hour as claimed by Gamer Testing Ground. Apply for a game testing job is not as easy as you might think and not too difficult if you know how to do it. Many game companies are looking for video game testers to work for them. But can you really get a video game testing job from Gamer Testing Ground website? This article will provide a more in depth review about the job.

Why do game companies want to spend money to hire outsiders to test play their video games?

Because before they release their own video games to the public these companies want to make sure there is nothing wrong with their products. Game companies are earning billion of dollars in revenue every year so they would want to ensure of their product quality in order to reduce the refund rate. The job of a video game tester is to test play video games and make sure there is nothing wrong with it so the company can release their games with ease. Gamer Testing Ground is neither a game company nor employment agency. The website provides a list of 50 game companies that are looking to hire video game testers. Their job is to help you to be employed.

How much does a video game tester earn?

You must be someone who really enjoy playing video games due the job can be really tedious and endure. If you are a beginner and have no previous gaming experience you could earn up to $9 per hour, as for experienced video game tester could earn up to $20 per hour and the highest earning go to someone who have programming and game developing skills, these people can identify the problem which occur within the game and able to report it to the programmers. But game companies usually don’t hire people with game programming ability they prefer anyone from age 15 and above but enjoy playing video game. Game companies that listed in the Gamer Testing Ground website are usually companies that are willing to pay at a high rate.

Why do game companies don’t use their game programmer to test play their own games?

Test play a game can consume more than 8 hours per day so these programmers would rather spend their time on creating new game, tweaking and correcting existing games for a better quality. So this is the reason why game companies is willing to spend money to hire outsiders. Most game companies have limited number of game programmer there won’t be enough people to test play the games. The best option is to hire outsiders to do the game testing job. Gamer Testing Ground is not a scam. The above 3 reasons should able to explain why many game companies want to employ outsiders to play their video games.

Let me show you how to successfully become a game tester.