Galamind Introduces an Interactive Kinetic Intelligence Tool

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (PRWEB) July 05, 2012

Galamind, a unique company which provides an extraordinary solution for solving emotional and psychological barriers, is announcing a new simple but effective tool for changing thinking habits and adopting thought processes that will improve quality of life. This new Galamind application allows access to more rewarding and more impactful life choices.

Galaminds application UNBLOCK is a scientifically tested application for people who want to understand why they are not succeeding, and find out what they can do to change it. The application uses Kinetic Intelligence to harness your most powerful and sophisticated sense vision – to create your own personal breakthrough. UNBLOCK guides you through the process of identifying and correcting whatever is holding you back. The process is very simple. By asking a meaningful question about what people feel is not going well in their lifes UNBLOCK is able to detect the blockage and provide a solution that will help overcome it.

Galamind develops technological products based on innovative and pioneering knowledge, partly based on Quantum Mechanics, the Chaos Theory, Fractal Geometry, and the Complex System Theory. Galamind has developed a bio-psychological search engine which can draw information from the users subconscious and display it on their computer screen.

The company has three directors, and employs 17 instructors who have undergone full training in the field of Kinetic Intelligence, and are available to travel to any destination in order to instruct a GALA workshop. The company has also trained a group of 16 experts with additional university degrees who provide customer service for the website.

Check out our free demo of UNBLOCK or contact us for full, free access to the application.

About Gala12 B.V:

Founded in February 2008 for the purpose of contributing to humanity, providing the tools and insights which help solve conflicts, along with change and develop. The company is owned by three partners who have established a policy to conduct it in an innovative manner which will serve as an example of a new approach in the business world. The companys goal is to provide access to every individual worldwide, therefore the companys products are priced low, making them affordable for all users to benefit.