FTP Client – How to Transfer Files to Your Hosting Account

Once you’ve created the content for you website using a web editor, you need to save it and transfer it to your hosting account. To move files from your computer to a hosting server so it appears on the internet, you need some software. This software is called FTP Client (File Transfer Protocol) which is downloadable.

There are various FTP Clients to choose from, some you pay for and others are free. Filezilla is an excellent choice, not only easy to use but also free. Alternatively you could choose Smart FTP which is another good one but that one is not free.

On one side of the software are your files on your computer and on the other is your hosting account. All you have to do is select the files you want to transfer on your computer and drag across. It is that easy, nothing complicated about it.

When you first open up a FTP client like Filezilla, you may get overwhelmed as it looks complicated.

The reality is that it is not, so here are some tips so you can easily navigate the software.

? Important details – Enter the primary domain of your hosting account even if it is another domain that you are uploading into the software. When you enter your domain replace www with ftp at the beginning. Also enter your username name and password but leave port blank.

? Uploading – Once your hosting server has loaded into the software you want to locate a file called “public html” and search for your domain. It is possible that you may hold several domains within one hosting account. All you do now is click on the file on your computer side and drag across.

? All files – You should move across all files that are part of your website.

This would include all images, PDFs and of course the main page. This process is really simple once you have done it a few times and nothing to fear.

Being able to use a FTP client is one of the fundamental skills required in being able to create a website.