Fresh Ideas on Sending Out Christmas Business Cards

Sending business Christmas cards can prove their worth in gold for customer relations. They must show show a real thank you in the message in the eyes of the recipient. You can buy in bulk from customized card manufacturers and simply have your company name and personalized message displayed on the cards.

If you have a higher budget then you can think about creating a truly unique Christmas card. For example, You are a restaurant owner, and have a customer base of 500. You could have the artwork for your card resemble food and entertainment. It could be Santa getting tucked in to a trifle.

Here is another example. You are a mechanic and run your own garage. You have a customer base of 500, how about sending them a Christmas card featuring Santa and a car! You can buy customized Christmas cards online from business such as A good source to find artwork is

Alternatively, you can have someone create the artwork and take it to a local card printer.

The best time to send our business Christmas cards is about early December. However if you are a sole proprietor or your business is suffering from the current economy it is likely that you do not have the funds to send out business Christmas cards. And that is even if you have a customer base of clients.

Is there something you can do?

You can display large Christmas posters on your windows, in your reception areas and at places in your shop or building that are frequented by public. And that can state something like “We wish all our customers a merry Christmas and a happy new and thank you for your valued custom.