Free Credit Score Report – How to Really Get One Without Paying

Back when I was young adult if I wanted check credit score I had to actually pay to view it. These companies make a lot of money just from a simple service like this, but thanks to the law that was passed a few years back we are now entitled by to one free credit report from the major three companies every year, which are Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union. The problem here is that most people haven’t done enough to diligence to know this simple fact. Instead they respond to an e-mail from an online an online site that promises to give them an accurate credit report for free, but they end up asking you to pay a fee for this report.

These so-called free credit reports scam companies are also all over the Internet and mix in really well with the truly free credit score report agencies. The key here is to look at the fine print. The scam companies put in fine print that they will charge your credit card for their credit monitoring services after 30 days. Just remember to read the fine print before clicking or giving permission to access your credit report from any online company. While filling out any credit report application if they ask for any more than the basic info from you and they are probably a scam company.

Never give away your credit card information for any service that is supposed to be given to you free by law. If you are still confused you can go straight to the official FTC website where they will give you free information on how to get a free credit report and avoid being scam.

Now that you’re on with the knowledge and have gotten your free credit report hopefully you will start to work on raising your credit score and become a dependable borrower again.