Four Applications Drives The Development Of MEMS And Sensor Market

The price of the micro electro mechanical system and the sensor is reducing the recent years, because their processing technology has become mature. The application ranges from the automotive and military industry to the consumer electronic areas, such as the smart phone, tablet device, connected television, game console. It is predicated that these four terminal applications will be the main driving force of the MEMS and sensor market.

The functions of the smart phone, which is based on the powerful operating system and numbers applications, has is unlimited by the voice communication. The touch panel, MEMS accelerometer has been applied by the smart phone early. Adding the other components, such as gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer, makes the functions perform better. It is predicated that the permeability of the smart phone will reach forty-five percent in the year of 2013.

Unlike the netbook which is used in the office, the environment of the tablet device is more complicated. The touch panel, MEMS accelerometer and MEMS gyro are installed in the devices to replace the traditional keyboard and strengthen the operating experience. It is predicated that the permeability of the tablet device will reach twenty-seven percent in the year of 2013.

The connected television needs the smoother interface when compared with the traditional remote control television; therefore, the remote control should apply the touch screen and leadin the operating interface design, such as the MEMS accelerometer and MEMS gyro. The content of the connected television will be perfect after the Google TV is released. It is predicated that the shipment of connected television will reach one hundred million sets.

The innovation of the game operating interface decides the market of family video game. The Nintendo has occupied the family video game market, and the Sony, Microsoft has decided to use the optical sensor to attract the customers. The related integrated circuit is MAX487ECSA.