Flash Game Development and Design in India

Flash game is a real live entertainment resource for the people who love to play games. These games have given rise to the gaming industry as they are getting attractiveness day by day. They are generating lots of income and thereby contributing to the business in a huge way. One can involve in competitions for these games and can make scores to boost up his or her confidence level.

By combining our Macromedia Game Development skills with our gamer’s point of view and experience, delivering world-class personalized solutions is just the beginning of the tasks that we can do.

The Flash game needs number of components. They are Flash movie, sound clips, video clips, code, additional Flash movies, and graphics. Combining all of these components into a single file which makes a large game. We can develop this with Flash not only the main movie, but also the different media types for our game. This means that all the files can be downloaded on demand. The end result is a more proficient game designed for an online community.

We can divide the entire Game design and development process into three parts:

Game design

Graphics have to be fashioned for the game. This is the first step. We use tools such as Flash and Photoshop for the same as the UI between various Adobe products which is largely dependable.

Game Development

This is obviously done with Flash CS3 (Action Script 3.0) because it has the feature that enables us to signify graphics created with Flash and Photoshop, and then put these into a Game.

Game Hosting

The final stage is the hosting. Just as a PC game runs from a PC, a flash enabled online game would require running from a website. We utilize Dreamweaver MX as the ultimate tool for this purpose, again because the interface is largely alike.

G-antssoft.com is one of the leading Flash animation design and development service providers in India. We take a conscious attempt to design and customized online games that optimize brand impression. We build interactive Flash games (single/multi- user), instructive games, and other interactive multimedia presentations.

We offer our customers with highest quality of gaming experience by reducing costs and improving time to market with our expertise and experienced process.