Five Reasons to Apply for a Settlement Loan

Settlement Loans

This guide is designed to explain the top 5 reasons why someone in a pending lawsuit would want to apply for a settlement loan. A settlement loan is basically a cash advance on a possible settlement amount during a pending lawsuit. A settlement loan provider reviews the probability and merit of winning your current lawsuit and determines if you’re eligible. Below are the top 5 reasons why a settlement loan would be right for you.

#1. Credit checks or Income Amounts Aren’t Required with Settlement Loans.

A settlement loan is a provider or investor buying interest into your pending lawsuit. They provide a specific monetary portion of your estimated awardable amount in return for a specific amount of it and the original amount loaned to you. Since settlement loans are solely based on your case your credit report and current income play no role in the application process.

#2. Your Are Required to Only Pay Back if You Win.

This is the main reason settlement loans aren’t consider traditional loans. If you lose your lawsuit you’re not responsible or obligated to pay back the amount of the settlement loan. You only pay back the amount if you win your lawsuit case; this fact alone makes a settlement loan far better than a traditional loan.

#3. Prevent Early Settlement of Your Pending Lawsuit

You’ll probably not be able to work during your pending lawsuit; income will be unattainable and you’ll be stuck with your current assets. Ethical rules prevent attorneys from loaning their client money, as it might create situations where you’ll feel you’ll need to settle sooner when you really didn’t want to. A settlement loan can provide you with financial support during your pending lawsuit. You won’t feel the stressed to settle your case early; you’ll be able to make all medical payments, auto payments, home mortgage, etc on time and protect your credit history.

#4. Your Not Required to Take Out The Full Amount

You never need to take out the maximum amount allowed in you’re approved settlement loan. Settlement loan providers go as low as $150 and up to $5,000,000+ when it comes to loan able amounts in your pending case. This allows you to only take out what you need during the case and keep more of your awarded money after a verdict is reached in your case. Settlement loan providers allow you to take out multiple settlement loans if you still need more money and the case has not ended yet.

#5. Settlement Loans Do Not Affect Your Case.

For some reason people think settlement loans will effect their case, this is farther from the truth. The defendant in your case is never notified if you apply for andor get accepted for a settlement loan. In fact, the court itself isn’t even notified about the settlement loan and the provider is not required by law to notify anybody beyond your attorney.

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