Effective Communication Strategies

There are four kinds of personality whose history can be traced back 2,400 years to Hippocrates. All of the personalities have their strengths and their weaknesses. Where do you fall?

You should understand that every person in the world has a mixture of these four personalities. And while this is true, there is a dominant personality and a less dominant one. What are your dominant and no so dominant personalities?

To answer that question, it’s important you learn about the four types. These personalities are:

The Melancholy

A person with this kind of personality tends to suffer with low self image and esteem, as they tend to set some high standards for themselves and for other folks. This personality type needs to be shown details such as a point by point explanation before they believe things. It’s always a good idea to have supplemental materials to support your thoughts and ideas.

The Choleric

A person with this kind of personality is generally influential, lively, independent, strong-minded and opinionated. If you want to convince a choleric, you need to gain their respect first. If you fail with them, it means they see you as an uncertain person. People of this personality like winners.

The Phlegmatic

People of this personality type tend to be easy going; someone who doesn’t let him/herself to become distracted easily. This personality type is easy to get along with and is always excited about life. If you’re to convince them of something, you just need to show them the matters that are in their best interest.

The Sanguine

This personality type is generally outgoing and considered a super-extrovert. Sanguine people tend to be in jobs that match their personality such as acting or salesman. If you want them to go with you to an event, you must let them know upfront how much fun they’ll have or that they’ll be noticed.