Download the best Home and Education software

With the Internet taking a big hit on today’s children and youngsters companies are ditching the traditional medium of education like books to impart education through the medium of Internet. Today companies are coming up with a lot of software stuffs which are beneficial for children’s education as well as digital magazines and other items for today’s working men and women.

Most home and education software available are free of charge while a small lot are also available with a small subscription charges. Now, let’s look at some free software which can be quiet useful for your daily use:

Sweet Home 3D v3.0 – This free interior designing application can help you plan design your house better. If you are an interior designer this tool is meant just for you.

With this free tool you can design in an animated platform before finalizing on actual layout.

Food File v1.0.7 – This free food database manager is basically for the health conscious who want an automated system to take care of all their diet regime. This software decides which food is best for you according to the input you provide.

Workout Timer 1.0 – This free workout timer is designed for the fitness conscious people who like to effectively manage their time during a workout session. It helps the user to keep a tab on the time and plan out each exercise and resting time between them.

Dictionary .NET 3.2 – This digital dictionary is a great alternative for your bulky paper Dictionary and is easy to maintain.

This application supports 66 different languages using Google services. It integrates most Google services without having to install them on the system.

Google Earth 6 – This unique application as you most know can zoom into any location or structure anywhere around the world. You will be amazed with the level of clarity even after zooming to the highest level.

If you want to know about more such software then you should definitely visit our section on Free Home and Education Software where you will find a large database of products absolutely free.