Dos and don'ts of home insurance

When a person decides to get insurance for his or her house, it’s certainly a cheap policy they are looking for. And by cheap we mean having a low price for the largest bundle and amount of coverage possible. And to much surprise, it is really possible if you know the rules of the game.

But what are the rules, you might ask? While there are many hidden stones in such a complex industry as insurance, there are certain guidelines that you will find very useful and effective when choosing a new policy or looking to switch you current home insurance provider. So here are the essential Dos and DON’Ts of home insurance that would be very wise to follow:

DO: Find an online service that will allow you to get quotes from multiple home insurance providers, necessarily licensed in your area of residence.

DON’T: Buy the first policy you are offered with when shopping.

DO: Contact an insurance agent in person to tailor your policy and make sure you’re getting the best and most adequate coverage for the money you pay.

DON’T: Drop home insurance or necessary types of coverage altogether just to lower the costs.

DO: Review your deductibles and adjust them if needed to relate adequately to your financial abilities if an insurance situation takes place. Remember that higher deductibles will eventually lower you rates.

DON’T: Raise your deductibles to the amount you will find hard to pay in case it comes to filing a claim.

DO: Speak to your insurance agent to learn if there are any homeowners insurance discounts provided by your insurer you are eligible for.

DON’T: Forget about updating your insurance coverage after adding square footage to your house, performing important modifications (installing ventilation or security systems), or buying expensive things that are to be kept on your property.

DO: Find a provider that will carry more types of insurance rather than only homeowners insurance, for you can receive substantial discounts if having your auto, life, health and home insurance policies with the same carrier.

DON’T: Drop substantial amounts of liability coverage in order to save money because some day it can be really helpful and your savings can lead to serious losses if you do not have enough liability coverage.

DO: Renew your policy and avoid cancellations because it will get more expensive to renew it or get a new one if your policy was simply void without any reason.

DON’T: Drop your homeowners insurance policy in case your mortgage lender doesn’t require it anymore or you have paid off your loan.

Try to employ as many of these tips as possible and you will see that having good homeowners insurance with low rates and adequate coverage is really possible. Keep in mind that having cheap coverage can turn around to be very costly when facing an insurance situation. So try to get adequate coverage while still having your family budget in mind. Shop around and find the best policy out there to keep your house protected no matter what.