Dermatology Marketing

If there has ever been a medical specialty that is in need of competent marketing consultation, a cohesive and long-term strategy, and effective practice growing tools, it is dermatology. The fact is, dermatology marketing takes a wealth of experience to achieve proper results. We have seen so many good dermatologists go down the same road to ruins… it is called “Playing the Commodity Game” and it is a good way to harm your business, your reputation, and your referrals. How often do we see coupons offering a special lower price on common services, such as Botox? It seems every dermatologist and Medi-Spa is in a race to see who can lower their prices faster! But here are some basic principals that should guide you, should you want to play this game; * Price shoppers are not loyal. They will go to your competitor when their prices are better than yours. * You need to give your patients and potential patients a reason to choose you, other than price. Are you the best in your area? Do you have some special training or expertise? Do you have a new piece of equipment that is the latest and greatest? Even if your competitors may have the same qualifications and services, if they are not promoting them, then the field is open for you to claim those “points of distinction.” There are many ways to determine how best to position your practice so that patients have a clear and compelling reason to choose you. However, use caution if you use price as your main method to attract patients… it is a recipe for long-term failure. If you would like more information on our marketing strategies and proven methods of success for dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medi-spas, or any medical and healthcare specialty, please feel free to contact us. It never costs a cent to talk to us, and the advice is priceless. Please visit our website at: