Cost Savings Realized With Workforce Scheduling Software

Security Guard Companies and Campus Police Departments are labor- intensive organizations. Their workforce is their most expensive asset so finding ways to increase efficiencies in processes and to identify ways to realize cost savings is an important aspect of a scheduling administrator and manager’s job. Issues such as overtime and overbooking, reducing costly payroll errors, eliminating time theft, and reducing manual scheduling processes are just a few of the ways scheduling automation can reduce costs.

Employee Scheduling Software is a tool that can be as powerful and complex as an organization needs it to be. It is a solution to many of the problems that scheduling managers face in their efforts to stay within budget and still provide the value and service to their clients and to the public that they serve.

How do these agencies find ways to increase efficiencies of processes, eliminate some costs completely and identify ways to save? The answer is a suite of highly flexible and configurable workforce management solutions that:

Cut overtime costs
Eliminate time theft
Reduce paperwork and manual processes
Optimize workforce deployment
Reduce costly errors in payroll
Select least costly workers for shifts
Eliminate double booking on shifts
Save administrative time

The workforce scheduling software helps managers gain visibility into true labor costs.

Optimized shift templates and coverage models based on unique staffing requirements and industry standards can be customized to fit the organizations needs. Over 100 reports from gross margins to overtime are at management’s fingertips. This helps managers make more informed decisions so they can quit guessing and start optimizing their workforce plans.

Proactive management improves productivity and lowers costs. It is all about efficiency and cost savings.

If this sounds like something that could help your organization. We can show you a client specific demo of what this system can do for your company.

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