Christopher Sugrue Sphinx Targeting Investors in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany

The European investors are now targeted by the Christopher Sugrue Sphinx fund.  Having much stability and promise in its economy, businesses and corporations may find more profitability in its use.  This hedge fund will be used to be exposed to the Deutsche Bank Dynamic Alternative Portfolio Fund which is already offered to investors in Europe.  The inclusion in this portfolio will allow the tracking of the performance of the Deutsche Bank Index.  In this manner, it would allocate 60 percent to a variety of hedge fund strategies to add on the given derivatives from foreign exchange and its commodities.

The Standard & Poor’s Hedge Fund, Event-Driven, Arbitrage and Directional/Tactical Indices which are all part of its S&P hedge Fund series will fortunately represent the allocation of Christopher Sugrue Sphinx fund.  The low tracking error based on the indices of Standard & Poor’s, its risk management and the profound transparency platform has influenced the decision of the Deutsche Bank to subject its assets to the Sphinx program.  This is an investment vehicle that initiates marketing of commodities catered to European market.  As Chief Executive of the Plusfunds which will handle the affairs of Sphinx, Bousbib eagerly looks forward for partnership with the Deutsche Bank allowing more accessibility for a wider range of investors.  Through the Deutsche Bank fund investors are offered investment access in a Euro denomination promising better return potential and at a lower investment denomination with a tempting optimized tax provisions for the German investors.