Choose Only the Best Data Recovery Programs

If you think you are in big trouble because you lost the only file you have of the e-book you are working on, then you can imagine the utter dismay and sheer anger of a computer engineer whose hard drive crashed containing more than ten years work of coded information that a whole enterprises relies on. This could very well lead to his termination and you to tears when all is lost and there is nothing you can do.

The good news about this problem is that it is a thing of the past and something you need not worry about today. This is due to the technological advancement we have been achieving. At present, said problem can be solved instantly with the use of various data recovery programs provided by a hard drive recovery service that you can easily find in the internet.

Statistics show that loss of data is due to the following:

Hardware Failure/Malfunction – 42%
Human Error – 30%
Corrupted Software – 13%
Viruses – 7%
Theft – 5%

The importance of these data recovery programs is immeasurable especially for businesses. In fact, research shows that of all the companies whose data has been lost, half failed to re-open and 90% went out of business before reaching two years.

To give you an idea of how large-scale data loss can be, a lost or corrupted accounting data that is only 20MB in size may be reproduced after about 21 days and at a cost of about $ 19,000. Details such as these are staggering and will make you put more importance to the existence today of these hard drive recovery software and services.

Basically, a good hard disk data recovery software will enable you to recover files that are encrypted and compressed. You can also retrieve lost files that are in a network as well as deleted e-mails. Those files erased from the recycle bin and those in hard drives, CDs and DVDs which already have bad sectors can still be reconstructed. Not only hard drive files can be recovered but also those you lost from the USB drive, the memory cards, CDs and other media that you can attach to the computer.

Aside from its great benefits, these file recovery programs are ideal for use by anyone who has simple knowledge of computers. You need not have technical expertise to be able to make them run. However, with the big number of service providers available online, it could be quite difficult to choose the one that far exceeds the rest. To help you in your selection, it would be best to choose those with the following characteristics:

Easy to install and to use
Contains a clear feature set that will make it easy for a novice to understand
Supports all types of file and operating system
Comes with a help support feature and tools (manual, other documentations)
Will do what it is designed for effectively
Has available technical support
Should have search tools that will make it easier to search lost date, e.g, by date, by name, by extension, etc.
Offers money back guarantee and warranty in cases where the software fails to recover the data.