Changing the Face of Web Design & Development: Silverlight Applications

The regard that website design from UK invokes is something that inspires any web design company for development of such aesthetically rich websites, which remain feather light and hence lightening fast. Website design expertise in UK embraces cutting edge technology called Silverlight that enables features such as vector graphics, animation and audio-video playback into a website without really compromising on its agility and adaptability.

What is Silverlight?

To introduce, Silverlight is a web browser plug-in by Microsoft that can be programmed to create and support rich and attractive web applications. It empowers any web design and development process with its multiple key principles, including,

Web deployment: Once Silverlight plug-in is installed on a user’s system, all Silverlight applications hosted across World Wide Web can run on user’s system without needing installations.

Silverlight manages web page deployment by using its XAP package, which is a bundle of compressed code, data files and applications’ manifest. The XAP package must be referenced by a Silverlight application on a HTML page to be enabled.

Platform Libraries: Each Silverlight plug-in comes with a built-in set of files constituting the code and other resources for the web applications. Better known as Platform Libraries, these files extend the overall scope of web design and development with HTML and JavaScript.

The files and resources inside the libraries include, a graphics library, .NET common language runtime based code execution, networking services, data services, User Interface and storage services.

Collaborative design and development: Recognizing co-existence of application logic (developer) and graphic design (designer) in modern web applications, Silverlight application model provides mechanism within to allow concurrent proceeding of web designing and development in a project.

Cross Platform Compatibility: Silverlight web applications once authored, run smoothly across different platforms, operating systems and browsers without any code modifications etc., as Silverlight is empowered with .NET common language runtime and complimentary platform libraries installed within each one of its instances.

Security: As Silverlight allows use of Silverlight applications without installations, developers can easily restrict their applications suitably to eliminate any security threat to user’s system.