Cgi Web Hosting – 3 Vital Scripts for One’s Business

An all round self-skilled web site is the need of the hour for many people. Today the root businesses of many companies are on the shoulders of those sites, which have interactive quality to get a mob of people and can produce the business. Automated features can also play a “behind the scenes” role, by generating the qualities in one’s site like making it easy to use, smooth running and promoting online sales and password protection.

There are several ways by which one can generate such type of automation in his/her site, but all the processes engage either client side or server side scripting. There are several programming languages present specially designed for the web; such programming languages are used for writing scripts. Generally, customer side scripts are written in one of the best web programming languages i.e., Java. But some functions are to be accomplished through the scripting on server side; however, frequently used programming languages on this side are PHP, PERL, and CGI. PHP and PERL are fresher and are on every mouth in the market but one can’t ignore the mother of all web-scripting languages, CGI due to availability of features suitable to it.

Shopping Carts

No one can say that the online sales site is complete without a functioning shopping cart and generally best among them have been written in CGI script. CGI web hosting is ideal for shopping cart scripts because of it’s better interaction with majority of databases, which includes popular MYSQL and MS Access databases, it can be applied with simplicity of similar range on the servers like Windows, UNIX, LINUX, and MACOS, thus simply configured for sales tax and shipping cost calculations. In the market, PHP and PERL are used to apply on the newer shopping cart scripts, but the first choice still prevailing is the use of good old CGI web hosting scripts.

Password Shielding

There are several sites, which require some sort of registration and entry of a password for the user to enter the site’s features. One should need to do it due to the boundations of several reasons like simply a desire to pathway visitors for marketing reasons, like to allow postings on message boards and ensuring that users have paid any required fees associated with use of the site. One should apply the CGI scripts for the automated registration process and in the process of issuing user name/password and generally it is done in this manner only.

Form Managers

There are several people who don’t know about how the forms, they fill out online are handled. They must know that such forms are handled by CGI webhosting. When a user fills in that form and hits the “submit” button, a CGI script takes over and sends the contained data via Email or writes it to a database where the site’s administrator is able to access it later on.

Thus the above mentioned are some of the uses of the uses for CGI scripts on today’s web sites. Like these there are many more and if there is possibility for doing anything on the website, surely it can be done with CGI. PHP and PERL are gaining popularity due to any reasons, but CGI was the one since beginning with the user and is even not going anywhere. So as long as there are web sites, CGI web hosting will remain the Jack of all trade.