Buying Domain Names is Easy – Thinking One Up is the Challenge

Buying domain names is as easy as one, two, three. The web enthusiast isn’t really buying the name permanently, they are merely renting it. They require a yearly renewal to keep it active. If your renewal lapses, you lose control of the name and someone else can register it for their use.

Buying them can be done through one of the many registration sites on the web. You can also check to see if certain names are available and which top level url it belongs to. If it is unavailable, sometimes the registration site will recommend similar url’s that are available or they will tell you who owns them if you are interested. You may also have the opportunity to make an offer on the name that is in use.

Buying domain names is a business in itself for some web entrepreneurs. They are purchased in the hope they are popular and someone will come along and buy it for way more than it was originally registered for. Like just about anything in business, buying up domain names is a risk. A popular name today might not be so popular tomorrow. Some names are only popular for the duration of a particular event, such as a political election while others will be popular long term. If the web entrepreneur is into long range marketing trends, they will have a good idea what web domains to stock up on for future use.

When buying the names for your own use, give it some thought before you actually register a name. If it is for business purposes, you want to be sure the url targets your business. It will be your web identity. Someone searching for a certain category is more likely to clink on your link if your domain reflects the business or service they are searching for. Your domain should be unique and easy to remember. With all the url’s already in use today, it is becoming more challenging to think of unique and creative name that will make your company more unique online.