Breakfast Important To Weight Loss: Is It A Fact Or A Myth?

When you wake up late for school or work, you usually forget what your mom told you about breakfast being the most important meal. It is called so because you have fasted for at least ten hours when you wake up counted from your last meal during the evening. Imagine how your body will respond to the activities and the regular functions of the body if you have already fasted for the last 10 hours and fast again for another six hours or less if you skip your breakfast. That would mean that you have not been eaten for more than half a day. Not many are aware that breakfast important to weight loss is not a myth.
Many of us tend to skip breakfast and oftentimes take for granted the benefits it offers us. Not just breakfast a first source of energy of the day, but it is important to maintain your calorie level. You should take proper nutrition and never forget that the tag line that breakfast is important to weight loss indeed works. In fact, even when you try to control your calorie level, you should not go below the regular calorie intake, otherwise, you would be not be able to provide your body with the right nutrition that it needs to carry out its regular functions.
Studies show advantages of breakfast and prove that breakfast important to weight loss is a fact that is scientifically proven. Skipping breakfast makes your metabolic rate slow down and your blood sugar to drop. As a result of this, you become hungry and have less energy. This causes you to take impulsively snacks in the morning, often on high-fat sweets like chocolate bars, candies, or wafers. Or you may end up eating extra servings or bigger portions at lunch or dinner. By eating breakfast, you will feel nourished and satisfied making you avoid overeating for the rest of the day.
You do not have to spend special time preparing your breakfast as there are different ready to eat foods like cereal or oatmeal. Breakfast important to weight loss is a fact that you cannot do away since there are many evidences that proves to this statement. It does not even matter if you do not take a heavy meal on your breakfast, what is important is that you get the same nutrients and calories from the food that you eat like a regular breakfast.
What is important is you do not miss this meal for it is your key to weight loss. It is basic that breakfast is your first source of nourishment for the rest of the day whether you aim to gain or loss weight in you body.