Best Work From Home Careers Begin With You!

Looking to make a big career change? Want to avoid any travelling time and commuter hassle by working from home? Your first step is to list your skills and qualities, just as if you were aiming for regular 9 to 5. Then begin to read about the best work from home careers that match with your skill set and experience. The Internet will be your first port of call. You also need to consider the facilities you have at home and what equipment you might need to buy.

Here are a few businesses / services that may provide the best work from home career options. If you have specialist skills that are in demand narrowing down your choices will quicker.

Home marketing: This career may be for you if you enjoy meeting and talking to people. Selling direct to individual customers, via sales “parties? you’re your or other people’s homes, and via networks. You need to be good at demonstrating the products, as well as undertaking some PR and administration. Your appearance needs to be good and an extrovert nature will stand you in good stead.

Online retailing: Digital communications and IT make this a strong candidate for best new work from home career. If you buy products at a wholesale price, and sell via the internet or mail order directly to customers, avoiding the need for a shop. Be sure to research products carefully, seeing what’s out there already and how much is being charged for it. You need to have very strong marketing skills to make this work, as well as a solid promotional budget.

Virtual Office Assistant: You can provide secretarial services from home for small businesses, other home workers, professionals, or proprietors. Services can include any offered by administrative assistants or secretaries. Many small business owners are minimizing their staffing costs by outsourcing their telephone answering for example. This is an easy service to perform from your home office, providing you are available enough. So think about how many and what hours you could fill.

Home Accounting Career: Many freelance accountants work from home, servicing small and medium-sized businesses. Training and certification is needed, although uncertified book keepers can provide a regular service for small businesses. Skills include payroll, tax submissions and returns, tax advice, and annual accounting. A home accounting career can provide an excellent source of income.

Data entry: This is a huge and growing sector and therefore one of the best work from home careers. Although not the most exciting of jobs, data entry is an extremely steady source of income if you have other commitments, such as children. You can pick the work up and put it down as you please, usually getting paid for the number of entries made, rather than by the hour.
This is by no means an exhaustive list of home-based work areas but rather some of the best work from home career options. Some others include Internet research, meetings planning, proposal writing, and marketing and PR.