Be Leery of Free Mac Recovery Software

This author has always been fascinated by the personal computer. From the early days of the Texas Instruments computer and the Commodore 64, it has been amazing to watch the development of this interesting technology. Today’s modern computers are behemoths when compared to the old machines. External storage media for computers has also gone through an amazing evolution. The change from cassette tapes to floppy disks was a major step. Optical media, such as the CD and DVD, was another great technological breakthrough. External backup locations, such as external hard drives and online storage, make almost unlimited space available to the computer user.

Even with all of this technology, it is still possible for a user to suffer data loss. Personal preferences aside, it does not really a matter whether the user runs a Mac, Windows-based PC or a Linux machine. Data loss will happen; that is a given. Since it is almost impossible to prevent loss, the computer owner must be able to take steps to recover lost data. A quick search on the Internet will provide the user with a huge number of options. The options will range from freeware to commercial software. Shareware is also available and is a hybrid of free and paid software.

When looking for a data recovery solution, caution must be exercised. Some software can actually exacerbate the problem, instead of solving it. Additionally, some software that is advertised as free is actually just a demo version. A lot of recovery software for Mac is advertised as freeware. The user finds out later, after installing and running the software, that he or she must pay for full version in order to recover the data. The software is really just a demo.

Please be aware that there is nothing wrong with a demo version. Demos are good ways for a computer user to try the software before he or she buys it. In that way, the software’s compatibility with the user’s machine can be determined before purchase. Nevertheless, if the software is a demo version, it should be advertised as such and not touted to be free.

Additionally, it is good to understand that hard drive recovery is a very technical process and must be done correctly to be successful. The manner in which the recovery is performed depends on what type of data loss has occurred. For example, if the data is inaccessible because the drive will not mount, an emergency boot disk will be needed. This will bypass the operating system and run the computer from the disk. Warning: it is possible that the installation of application-based recovery software could overwrite the missing files. It is a good idea to obtain and install the best data recovery software you can find before you lose data.