Are iPad Users Snobs?

Are iPad Users Snobs

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to many people but iPad users are “selfish elites.” At least, that’s what a new study says. The research comes from MyType, a consumer research firm. They surveyed 20,000 people between March and May to get a “psychological profile” of iPad owners. The result? “Selfish elites.”

MyType found that iPad owners tend to be up to six times more “wealthy, sophisticated, highly educated, and disproportionately interested in business and finance” compared to non-owners. iPad owners also tend to be less than kind or altruistic. For the most part, they fell into the 30-50 age range.

However, a whopping 96% of those likely to criticize iPads don’t even own the device. Those people have been deemed “independent geeks” by the company. MyType’s Tim Koelkebeck said in an interview with that this group earned its name by being “self-directed young people who look down on conformity and are interested in video games, computers, electronics, science and the internet.”

MyType lists a number of reasons as to why the iPad owners could be, well, the way they are. Speculation includes the high price tag of the device and the desire to have more gadgets on which to do more work for the workaholic types. As a matter of fact, when the iPad was released, there seemed to be mixed opinions amongst the people who wondered why the device was even necessary versus the people who saw it as a cool new way to stay connected.

As for the “independent geeks” or critics of the device, speculation suggests they are one trip to the Apple Store away from praising the iPad. Koelkebeck says that bashing it is an “identity statement.” He goes on to say of the critics, “As a mainstream, closed-platform device whose major claim to fame is ease of use and sex appeal, the iPad is everything that they are not.”

That’s pretty harsh, but anyone who knows anything about computers, the tech world, or modern pop culture knows that hating Apple products is simply a way of life for some people. However, there are also those people out there who would probably buy Apple garbage bags if they were to go on sale at the Apple Store.

Just how scientific is this research? Well, obviously, calling someone a “selfish elite” or an “independent geek” is pretty subjective. However, MyType did make a serious effort to get the American public’s opinion of the iPad. You can read more about how they conducted their research and the reasoning behind it at

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