A Simple Web Page Design Tutorial You Can Take to the Bank

There are a lot of small businesses today that are reaching to the Internet for advertising purposes. If you are one of these small businesses or you are just looking to start advertising on the Internet, this brief web page design tutorial will help you get started on the right foot to making money on the Internet. In this web page design tutorial we are going to go over some highlights to making a web page that is not only user friendly but will also get listed in the first position with no money involved for the keyword you are looking for.

Before we even start this web page design tutorial, the first step to this procedure is definitely research. When making a website you have to first understand a few things about why you are doing the web page to begin with. Some questions to ask yourself are, am I looking for an email list, and I looking to sell something, or even am I looking to just get a word out about an upcoming product I will have for sale in the future? Once you have figured this out now you have to fully understand your audience you are making this web site for. Some things to consider about your audience is what is the person thinking, why is he or she reluctant to buy, how can this product improve their life, what are some selling features (apply customer wants), and possibly are there any risks involved?

The next part of our web page design tutorial is to maintain a consistent flow of relevancy. Three topics that I can think of off the top of my head are keyword density, lay out, and flow of a buying cycle. When a potential customer tries to find some thing on the Internet they have to type in a word or sentence in the search query box, this is called a “keyword.” If you would like to be listed under such a keyword suggest you have that keyword in your website, as well it should make up about 5% of your content. This is known as “Keyword Density.” The layout of your website should be smooth and not hopping all over the place. Start the page with the questions answered for your customer as stated in the beginning of this web page design tutorial, then possibly finish with your personal thoughts of your product, or even your customers thoughts, these are called “testimonials.”

The content for your web page design tutorial goes like this to keep it simple. The paragraphs about the product you have should be short. The average attention span of a web surfer is very limited, so shorter is better. These paragraphs should be separated by “headers.” The headers should state what each paragraph is about so your visitor can scan your site quickly for the information they are looking for. Then get to the bottom line which are your “Call To Action Phrases.” Some examples of these are Click Here If…, or Learn How To Get…. to name a few.

The last but most important thing to your web page design tutorial is relevancy. From the beginning keywords to the Call To Action Phrases you have to be relevant to what your audience is looking for or you will lose them. By this I mean if your customer is looking for skate boards then it should be in some form in your keyword, your main title to your website, in your main headers for your paragraphs, and possibly even in your Call To Action Phrases. This is how you get a customer to stay and feel like he or she has found the information they have been looking for, which will make them more inclined to accept your offer.

In this web page design tutorial we went over some main topics to getting a website to be user friendly with a flow of a buying cycle that will lead to a sale almost every time. I hope this web page design tutorial was helpful to you and as well I have many other free tips for you if you would like to click on one of the links below.