3 Ways to Create an Online Travel Income

Imagine this: you wake up in the glamorous, exotic, or rustic location of your choice. A smile sneaks its way onto your face. You’re living your dream of traveling the world… and, here’s the best part – you’re getting paid for it. It is extremely difficult to write about this subject without sounding ‘hypey’ and ‘salesy,’ so let me just lay out the facts, and I’ll let you come up with your own conclusions: Hundreds of billions of dollars change hands online every year. •    Thousands of one-man-business entrepreneurs are making a portion of this money. •    Internet technology has made business possible from anywhere in the world. All you need is a laptop or Internet café… •    With a little bit of training and know-how, creating a profitable business online that takes in a few thousand dollars per month takes about 30-90 days. •    There’s a growing underground community whose strategies have them making more money than their friends with ‘Jobs’ and they get to travel to wherever they like. There are the facts. If you put it all together, there is no reason you can’t take an extremely small piece of the pie. In fact, if you made .00001% of the money being made online you’d be ridiculously rich!

So what are the methods to make this happen? There’s no selling your friends or timeshares or anything shady like that. These are completely legitimate, entrepreneurial ventures that don’t take any startup costs or a ton of training. There are MANY ways to make money online, but here are 3:1)    Sell digital information. If you’re an expert on a subject of any kind, you can quickly and easily create an digitally delivered product and then focus on selling the product online. This can be an ebook, mp3, video file, or even a simple password-protected website. The markup on these products is HUGE because they cost nothing to create or deliver, and they can be sold for $10 to $10,000+ dollars. Say you have a modest $20 download. If you sold a measly 3 products per day, you’re making $1,800 bucks a month. Sell a $50 dollar product (which takes no more work) at the same rate and you’re making $4,500 a month… for doing the work ONCE!2)    Sell stuff on Ebay. “Wait!” I can hear you objecting… “I don’t want to carry around old junk to sell while I travel!” By all means… DON’T! You can easily set up an inexpensive account with a fulfillment house and have them ship your auction sales for you. You can hire a high school kid or your little sister to ship stuff. Better yet, just sell digital products on Ebay and don’t ship anything!3)    Blogging. This is a great option for writers, photographers, and videographers who want to document their travel. You’re probably going to be at least journaling, taking pictures, or video… most likely a combination of all three. Well, did you ever consider making it into a blog that makes money? Setting up a blog to collect income from your advertisers (and visitors, if you choose) is easier than ever. Some bloggers are making $250,000+ per MONTH just for writing about their lives. Yes, you read that correctly. Per month. Not too shabby! The real key to making money online is to take action and get started. Pick one of these methods, learn as much as you can from experts who have done it already, and then go travel the world!

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