3 More Ways to Make Scrapbooking a Career

We all want to be passionate about our careers, and turning an enjoyable hobby into a career is one way to accomplish that.? As a scrapbooker, you may have already considered becoming an independent scrapbook consultant or opening your own scrapbooking store, but here are a few more ideas to start a scrapbooking business.

Scrapbooking Teacher

Do you love teaching other scrapbookers the latest techniques and how to use the newest tools?? You might be the one everyone asks for help at the Friday night crops you attend.? Becoming a scrapbook teacher might be the perfect career for you.? Scrapbooking teachers need to have some talent in scrapbooking, but they must have the skills to explain and demonstrate how to scrapbook.? To succeed as a scrapbooking teacher, you need excellent communication skills and the ability to talk in front of others confidently.???

Check your local scrapbook store for teaching positions.? You can also become an independent scrapbook teacher as well.? Adult continuing education classes are often looking for new ideas for classes to offer.? Finally, you could open up your home to your friends and neighbors and offer a scrapbook class.? You can charge a fee for the class, or order the supplies for the project wholesale and profit from the retail price.

Scrapbooking Writer

Do you love to browse the internet for scrapbooking articles?? Someone has to write those articles.? If you have a way with words, writing articles on your hobby might be an excellent way to freelance your talent.? The internet has a variety of ways to sell your writing.? Website owners are always looking for new content, and you can even market your own ebook.? Don’t forget the print industry.? Sell your scrapbooking writing to magazines and book publishers.

To get started, look to see what kind of scrapbooking information people are looking to read.? What are they searching for online?? Visit scrapbook forums and find out what questions are asked the most often.? These are problems that scrapbookers want to solve.? Start writing articles or a book around these topics.? Market the information to scrapbook websites, ezine or newsletter publishers, or even online scrapbooking stores that may want to offer some information along with their products.

Scrapbooking Event Planner

Have you ever attended a scrapbook expo or retreat?? Someone has to coordinate these events.? It takes not only knowing what scrapbookers want from these meetings, but also strong organizational skills to plan and schedule all the details.?

You can develop a business as a scrapbooking event planner, or you can work for a company that plans these events or for a scrapbooking retreat.? You could even start your own company planning retreats, getaway weekends, expos and vacations for scrapbookers.? You can make money by charging for the events, as well as selling space to scrapbook vendors to market supplies and products to the attendees.

Any of these ideas will turn your scrapbook skills into a profitable business.? As a scrapbooking writer, teacher or event planner, you become an expert in this field.? Sharing your talent and experiences with other scrapbookers can be an enjoyable and exciting business model.