10 Top Tips On Your Website Promotion

So, you have the best products and it is certain that you will make huge profit out of it. However, it is a disappointment to learn that your product is not selling well because of your bad website. A good website does not mean a website with fancy and sophisticated designs. All people need is a simple website with easy navigation, appropriate loading speed and the quality of the contents. Of course, you can hire a website designer to incorporate sophisticated features, but you can do it yourself without paying anything for a simple website.
There are a number of turn-offs that will chase your visitors away, such as:
1. Java applets- unless these are serving major purposes, leave them out as they will slow down the page significantly.
2. Slow pages- people will get frustrated from waiting for your website to load if you are using slower speed. Another point is to avoid using fancy features which will significantly slow down the speed.
3. Broken images and links- spend some time checking whether are the images displayed properly and the links are working fine. The links should be linking your website to the intended place, and nowhere else.
4. Coloured text and fancy background- it may look nice on the website, but imagine the visitors trying to read a coloured text on a colourful background. They cannot even read your content.
5. Grammar and spelling mistakes- check the contents before submitting it online. Poor readers will have to spend some time trying to figure out what the contents are all about.
6. HTML generator programs- readers know whether the HTML is generated using programs or is it your own. Use a bit or creativity to generate your own HTML.
7. Too many ad banners on a page- preferably, do not put any ad banner on the home page. For other pages, keep the number minimal desirably one per page.
8. Everything in a single page- if you have a lot of contents in your website, sort them out like book contents. This can give an impression to the visitors that your website is organized and most importantly easy to navigate from one topic to another.
9. Unrelated content- remove anything that is not related to the contents of your website.
10. Music- this is most annoying of all as it can really slow the speed of your pages.
The basic things are the best, as people are comfortable with simple websites. Although fancy features seem to make you stand out among the crowd, it usually results in the opposite. Avoid wasting your space for useless ads and unrelated things to your contents. One of the most important things considered by the visitors is whether the website is working or not.