Who Else Wants a Home Vegetable Garden

For some, the home vegetable garden is a hobby and for others a great money-saving helper, especially in these days of high prices.
Formerly it was the custom for gardeners to invest their labors and achievements
with a mystery and secrecy which might well have discouraged any amateur from trespassing upon such difficult ground.
Do not feel discouraged that you cannot be promised immediate success at the start. I know from personal experience and from the experience of others that “book-gardening” is a practical thing. If you do your work carefully and thoroughly, you may be confident that a very great measure of success will reward the efforts of your first garden season.
Why should we home garden, well the home gardener can grow his own vegetables and fruits at less expense than he can buy them, that is a good fact to remember and they taste 100 per cent better.
Every garden operation was made to seem a wonderful and difficult undertaking. Now all that has changed. In fact the pendulum has swung, as it usually does, to the other extreme. Often, if you are a beginner, you have been flatteringly told in print that you could from the beginning do just as well as the experienced gardener. This garden business is a matter of common sense; and the man, or the woman, who has learned by experience how to do something, whether it is cornering the market or growing cabbages, naturally does it better than the one who has not. Do not expect the impossible.
Knowledge on the subject of gardening is also more widely diffused than ever before, and the science of photography has helped wonderfully in telling the newcomer how to do things.
And this brings us to what may be the most important reason why you should garden. It is the cheapest, healthiest, keenest pleasure there is.
Better food, better health, better living–all these the home garden offers you in abundance. And the price is only the price of every worth-while thing–honest, cheerful patient work.
But enough for now about the dream garden. Put on your old clothes, and go outdoors and look the place over, and pick out the best spot for that garden-patch of yours.
“Learn All the Trade Secrets of Successful Home Vegetable Gardening”
No patch of land is too tiny to create a superb home vegetable garden.